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Sadly, Quizzes Aren't For Everyone...

Nowadays, forward-thinking business owners are leveraging brand-oriented quizzes to acquire more qualified leads (at an even lower cost) than ever before.

What better way to introduce new, prospective customers to your brand than a fun, educational quiz that’s not only engaging but informative as well?

ONE PROBLEM - quizzes aren’t for everyone.

There are a number of key elements you must have (proper business structure, budget, offer, etc.) in order for a quiz to be truly worth it for you.

Before you (unnecessarily) waste any additional time, money, or energy, take this short 10-question quiz to see if quizzes are right for you and your business!

Hey, I'm The Quiz Guy! :-)

Hey there, my name is Brett Fairall and for the last couple years I’ve had the pleasure of creating extremely dynamic quizzes for businesses all shapes and sizes and from all walks of life.

RIGHT NOW in the lead generation game, quizzes are the hottest thing since sliced bread. Consumers love taking them and savvy marketers love leveraging quiz data for hyper-targeted follow up.

The only downfall is that quizzes aren’t for everyone.

To get an honest assessment on whether quizzes are right for you and your business, click Start Quiz below and let’s get this party started!

Are Quizzes Right For You? IDK, take the quiz...

Do you have an Online or Offline Business?


Which category does your business fall under? (i.e. natural health, real estate, finance, etc.)


How many ACTIVE offers do you currently have? (i.e. programs, products, SKUs)


HOW are you currently generating the bulk of your leads?


WHERE do the majority of your leads come from?


How large is your database? (combined leads + customers)


What are your ANNUAL sales?


On average, what is your monthly advertising budget to acquire new leads?


Do you have an affiliate tracking system? (i.e. any referral partner tracking software)


What has been your biggest struggle when it comes to generating new leads?